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Health Post #1

Hey y'all, so I want to go into my reasoning why I am making this site. These will probably take some time to since my health is QUITE a story but anyone that wants to follow can and they will all be titled "Health Post #" to keep track.

My eating habits have always been something of a conversation starter: "you don't like peanut butter? what is wrong with you?" to being a vegetarian through high school until the doctors told me I needed to eat meat. Yup. Doctors orders, I had to feast on the tasty tasty flesh of animals because my anemia was so severe that 65mg iron daily / 130mg peak intake (during Aunt Flo visiting) was not enough to keep me going. I didn't like the sleeping up to 20 hours a day if I forgot to take my iron and if changing my diet would help alleviate my feeling like crumdidlium I was going to take it. The switch from vegetarianism to not... was hard.

On me, not for me.

If I ever wanted to lose 5lbs all I had to do was eat a cheeseburger and I would get so sick the weight would fall right off...I only did that once before I learned my lesson. It took me 2 years to build up the gut flora again to be able to eat a full burger. One might say this is the beginning of my own personal health interactions with food and where I first started learning about what I needed to put in my body. I focused more on iron-rich foods: spinach, beans, eggs, broccoli, beef, turkey. To this day I still do watch what I eat, along with the 65mg of iron I take orally, just manage to hover almost out of anemic range. Unnecessary for some people? probably. But hey! what harm can some good healthy food do to you? Except it might make ya a little gassy. Broccoli and other cabbages seem to do that to some people. One of those unsolved mysteries.

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