To Health and happiness-with humor and food

About Me

Greetings all, my name is Alisha and I have a similar story to many people out there that have been diagnosed with health issues. I typically think that "my story" starts when I was diagnosed with diabetes a little after I turned 23 years old. I have had my ups and downs before then but I didn't see this coming; I was young, ate home-cooked food (and therefore healthy in my mind), and normal BMI. Immediately, doctors wanted me to be put on Metformin and start my new (diabetic) life but I wasn't ready. I decided that I wanted to use diet and exercise as my main method of controlling my diabetes and if in a year I couldn't get my A1Cs down, then I would take Metformin. My A1Cs have continued to be low since I changed my diet and I continue to make changes due to my other health issues. I will talk more about my health journey on my blog.

My "diet" is my own personal formulation with a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Is it Keto? no...but almost. Is it Paleo? no...but kinda sorta. Is it vegetarian? No...but I make a lot of vegetarian dishes (5 years being vegetarian influences my cooking) Is it vegan? O my sweeties, No. I gave up carbs and sugar. I can't give up cheese. That being said most of my vegetarian dishes are or can easily be made vegan. Is it LCHF? well, that one I guess it is. You got me.